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Bolo Edge


These Genuine Cow Hide Leather strops are hand made by me here in the United States. Each strop is made with leather that measures over a 1/8 of an inch thick. The strops handle are made of glass filled resin ensuring strength and flatness. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip.

Each Bolo Edge strop comes with two bars of compound that will help put a razor sharp edge on your blades by cutting and polishing the edge. 


  •     Double Sided Leather Strop
  •     3  X  8  Inch Leather on Each Side
  •     48 Square Inches of Leather
  •     12 Inch overall Length  
  •     Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather
  •     Over 1.8 inch Thick Leather
  •     Glass Filled Resin Handle

Compound Available

  •     1 oz. Black Compound (Cut)
  •     1 oz. Green  Compound (Cut Less Polish More)


What is BoLo Edge?
Our BoLo is a premium sharpening tool that will put the sharpest edge possible on knives. It works like a strop and should be used as the final step in sharpening. You can use the it to maintain an edge by conducting a few swipes after each use of a blade.

What can I sharpen?
Woodworking Chisels
Straight Razors
Utility Knives
Hunting Knives
Folding Knives
Fillet Knives
Kitchen Knives
Chef's Knife

How does it work?
The tool works by realigning the very fine edge of the blade and polishing the blades surface. After use or sharpening the blade will have a slight burr this burr is what catches when you attempt to cut. If the blades edge is aligned the blade passes through with little effort. By stropping the knife on the BoLo the very fine edge of the blade will begin align, while the compound polished the edge. First start on the Black compound and finish on the Green compound side.

How do I use a BoLo?

Step 1: Apply the compound by rubbing it on. The simplest way to describe this process is like coloring with a crayon, back and forth with light pressure.

Step 2: The entire leather surface should be covered with compound.

Step 3: Place the blade on the Leather towards the handle. The cutting edge should be towards the handle. Adjust the angle of the blade by raising the spine (The back of the blade where it isn’t sharp) slightly creating a wedge with an angle of around 15 – 30 degrees.

Step 4: With light pressure push the blade up towards the top of the BoLo.

Step 5: When you reach the top flip the blade over so the cutting edge is pointed towards the top of the BoLo and just as before adjust the angle by raising the spine and this time pull towards the handle of the BoLo.

Step 6: With light pressure push the blade down towards the handle of the BoLo.

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