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Polishing Compound - For Leather Strops

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Our compounds are made from abrasive materials surrounded in a matrix of binders. These compounds can be applied by rubbing it back and forth on any leather strop. It is similar to coloring with a crayon light pressure back and forth. If you find that the leather isn’t taking the compound you can sand it (the leather) down with some 100 grit sandpaper.

Another method to applying the compound is to warm up the strop and compound with a hair dryer. WARNING: DON’T GET IT TOO HOT, THE COMPOUND WILL MELT AND MAKE A MESS ALSO YOU DON’T WANT TO BURN THE LEATHER.


  •     1 oz. White Compound (Cut and Polish)
  •     1 oz. Green  Compound (Cut Less Polish More)
  •     1 oz. Red Compound (Polish Only)

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