Lifetime Warranty - Garos Goods - Paddle and Barber Strops

Lifetime Warranty

What does this warranty cover?
This warranty applies to all of our strops and covers any manufacturer defect. Should any of our products fail under normal use you will be covered under this warranty.


What does this warranty not cover?
Damage caused by improper use or storage.


How long does the coverage last?
This warranty lasts as long as you own the product.


What will Garos Goods do?
Garos Goods will replace or repair any defect at no charge. Simply Contact us.


What should I expect when send my product back?
In order to be eligible for replacement or repair under this warranty you must Contact us and provided us with your Name and Address. 
Once we receive your message we will contact you to arrange for return. We will inspect the product and determine if a replacement or repair is needed. We will ship the repaired or replaced product to you within 5 business days.