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November 28, 2015


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Strop Compounds - What is the difference?

We get a lot of questions about strop compounds many of them asking about the difference between them and if they should be using compounds in the first place. So I wanted to answer some of these questions and see if I could provide some insight.


Stropping compounds make it easier and faster to reach a razor sharp edge because the compounds are slightly abrasive. Most compounds are extremely fine with abrasive sizes in the microns. The real difference between each is the type of abrasives. If you want to know which is the coarsest to the most fine the order is Black, White, Green, Red.

 Abrasive Types

Color  Property Abrasive
Black Fast cutting Emery
White Cut and polish Aluminum Oxide
Green Cut and polish Chrome Oxide
Red Little cut mostly polish Ferric Oxide


If you want to purchase any of these compounds you can do so here.


 Applying Compound

Any of these compounds can be applied by rubbing them back and forth on the leather. It is similar to coloring with a crayon light pressure back and forth. If you find that the leather isn’t taking the compound you can sand it (the leather) down with some 100 grit sand paper.

Another method to applying the compound is to warm up the strop and compound with a hair dryer. WARNING: DON’T GET IT TOO HOT, THE COMPOUND WILL MELT AND MAKE A MESS ALSO YOU DON’T WANT TO BURN THE LEATHER.